FRIDAY - 17thSATURDAY - 18thSATURDAY side eventSUNDAY - 19thSUNDAY side eventMONDAY - 20th
9h009h00 Opening - Registration9h00 : 5th ROUND
10h0010h00 : 1st ROUND13x13 Friendly tournament
10h00 : 3rd ROUNDGO-Climbing
13x13 Friendly tournament
13x13 Friendly tournament
12h3012h30 : 6th ROUND
14h0014h00 : 2nd ROUND13x13 Friendly tournament
14h00 : 4th ROUNDGO-Climbing
13x13 Friendly tournament
17h00Arrival at Lycée Robert Deschaux17h30 - 18h00 EYGC Opening ceremony17h30 Meeting with Yumi Hotta16h00 EYGTC and EYGC Prize giving ceremony at Grenoble City Hall
21h00Captains meetingKaraoke at Lycée Roger Deschaux
Friendly tournament
Friendly team tournament at Lycée Roger Deschaux