The players and the accompanying staff will stay in the ” Lycée Roger Deschaux” in Sassenage, about 20 minutes by tram A from Grenoble centre.

This high school provides more than 60 comfortable rooms with 4 beds in each room. All rooms are equipped with a functional workplace, Wifi, toilets and private bathroom.

The cost for one night is 20 €, 60 € for 3 nights for one person, possibility to stay one more night (Monday night), for 20 €.

Prizes :

Night CostTotal
Friday nightNight only20 €
Saturday nightNight only20 €
Sunday nightNight only20 €
total for 3 nights60 €
Monday nightNight only20 €
total for 4 nights80 €

For lunch, many kinds of restaurants, bars, snack are available just around the tournament place.


In some of these places they will make a discount to the EYGC2017 participants.

Travelling from the accommodation venue to the tournament venue :

25 minutes by tram A and 5+5 minutes by walk.

Easy access